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Meenakshi Subram: Embracing Change and Career Comeback with indePenn Connections

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1. Name: Meenakshi Subram

2. Career Break Duration: More than 5 years

3. Profession: Admin Executive

4. Success story –

This is Meenakshi Subram. I have completed my B.Com graduation, and I have 18 years of experience in secretarial administration and financial-related activities. After a 5-year break, I have now joined indePenn Connections as an admin executive. After 5 years of being away from work, I was concerned about upgrading my skills. There are constant upgrades happening in software and other areas, you know. So, I was worried about how to handle the latest skills and how I would learn after this 5-year break. I also had problems managing my time.

I have attended workshops, which were new to me initially, but very interesting. I have attended 2-3 workshops and coaching sessions related to my domain. The first one that impressed me was about creating a one-page CV. Everywhere I went, people used to ask me why I had a 4-5 page CV, even though I have a lot of experience. I’ve done various types of jobs, including telemarketing, customer support, secretarial work, and even PowerPoint presentations, along with travel coordination and more. But after learning about the one-page CV, I could see how much work I have done on a single page. It’s not about the paper, but the impressiveness of having it all on one page that matters a lot.

So, indePenn CV, coaching sessions, and workshops have been beneficial. I was pleasantly surprised that even after a 5-year break, there were more opportunities available, which is impressive with my experience at indePenn Connections. I wasn’t confident about coming back to work and thought I might lag in terms of time and learning, but I’m happy that I have been able to sustain myself. indePenn is very supportive, cooperative, and encouraging. Whenever I faced downtime or challenges, I could openly reach out to them and recharge myself. I must say a lot about Kavitha, who has taught me a great deal about when to continue, when to pause, and how to handle things. Rajani and Rani have also been very supportive and helped identify the real problems I faced. They assured me that I can handle it, Meenakshi. There is no age limit to restarting your career. Every woman should restart her career; they should not stop for anything else. I learned this lesson after a 5-year break.

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