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Rajani Seshadri and Rani Muralidharan founded indePenn for Indian women needing a little bit of help, a little advice, and a little support in finding employment after taking a career break.

Both women had noticed, throughout each of their careers spanning 30 years, that many of their educated and successful colleagues were increasingly leaving the workforce for various reasons - marriage, motherhood, childcare, eldercare etc. And that when these women wanted to re-enter the world of work after the break, they faced a challenging path back to employment.​

They've come to realize the very real need to create a community of support for professional women who wanted to return to work and relaunch their careers. And want to enable women to apply to workplaces where they can lead and succeed at the office, as well as enjoy a fulfilling family life.​

Could they create pathways to help a woman on a career break upskill herself and rebuild her confidence? Could they enable her to monetise her education and thereby prevent the loss of educated, experienced and energetic women from India’s talent pool? And, could this also help to address the talent crunch that India Inc faces? These are the questions IndePenn was created to answer.



Rani is a Chartered Accountant by training and an entrepreneur by inclination. She has over 30 years of hands-on experience in Manufacturing in the Thermal Power, Infrastructure and Auto Components industries.


Leadership Coach

Rajani is an accredited Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and a CEO Coach by Coaching Foundation India. As an Executive Coach, she has helped CXOs & senior managers level up their leadership behaviours that have accelerated their career growth.