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A volunteering programme

Women returning to work after a break need upskilling in their existing domain or reskilling to a new domain. Similarly, they also need support to rebuild confidence in themselves as professionals. indePenn Connections’ knowledge sharing program called iFORshe connects them with Skill Guides, who are Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Coaches who will guide them through this journey. The iFORshe programme is structured as modules of 30-minute one-on-one interactions.

We invite you to our iFORshe programme to be a catalyst in helping women return to work. Our members would be privileged to interact with you. Your guidance can help them acquire the right skills to become current in their domain.

Be a key contributor to improving Gender Parity in India Inc.

Be a Coach

Women returning to work after a break would benefit from guidance and encouragement to stay committed to her career. Volunteer as a coach and be a part of her support system.

Be a Skill Guide

Women returning to work need guidance in identifying skills relevant to today’s job market. Upskilling will be critical to finding the right job and building her career. Your advice and inputs will be key to her success. Come, volunteer with us and make a difference.