Photo by mentatdgt. Mentoring Conversations Make a Difference

Mentoring is a means to learn from others. At indePenn, we use one-on-one mentoring sessions to help you, our members to balance priorities, rebuild confidence in your skills & capabilities, and reset expectations of self, family and employers.

Some examples of discussion topics are

  1. “My family is used to my being available – how do I manage?”
  2. “It’s all so difficult – can I do it? will I have the Discipline? Can I sustain my interest?”
  3. “It will take such a long time – and my peers will be so far ahead of me? Can I prioritise it? ”
  4. How can I catch up to today’s technology?

Feel free to bring up the topic that you’d like to talk about.

Our mentors are Rajani Seshadri and Rani Muralidharan. Get to know them here

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