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Getting back to work after a break is not just about applying for jobs and attending interviews. Just as your personal circumstances and responsibilities have changed, the industry has also moved ahead – new roles, new technologies, new laws and regulations, new ways of doing business. We have designed personalised processes that will help upgrade your skills to match current industry needs and also bolster your confidence in facing interviews and taking on a new role. Through workshops and multiple one-on-one sessions, we provide a series of interventions to support you in every stage of this journey, including after you get back to work.

Build a Flexible Life

Jobs that allow flexibility in time and place open up possibilities for women to re-enter the world of work. indePenn helps women on a career break return to the workforce through flexible career options that recognise their multi-dimensional lives.

Interactive Workshops

Our workshops introduce you to what is possible and how you could structure your journey to a flexible career. They also allow you to meet other women who have similar situations and aspirations and join a community of like-minded people.

Polish your Skills

Expert skill guides support you to refresh your skills and acquire new ones through e-learning. Their advice and inputs will help you become competitive in today’s job market.


Returning to the workforce after a multi-year break is a journey of many steps. An internship enables you to learn on the job and ease back into a work routine, while simultaneously polishing your skills through e-learning.

Get Coached

All of us can use a sounding board from time-to-time. Conversations at regular intervals with our Coaches help you to stay on track in your journey back to work, get different perspectives and re-build your confidence.

Smarten your CV

CVs need not list every minute detail, nor do they always need to be reverse-chronogical. We craft your resume to highlight your strengths, experience and education and present you in the best way.

Ace that interview

An interview is an opportunity to tell your story – your way. Together, we find the right tone, script appropriate answers, and prepare you for that all important meeting, whether in-person or virtual.


We continue to support you, even after you start working – we offer two more sessions with your coach to discuss ideas & techniques to help you settle-in at work and build a long and successful career.