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Let us do something about Work-Life Integration
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One of the most challenging tasks is to return to work after a break. Think about the time you went on a 2-week long vacation – how easy or hard was it for you to get back into the flow of work? Did you remember all the action items that came out of the meetings? And what about those spreadsheets that you had almost completed? How hard was it to reload all those formulae back into your brain?

Now think about extending that to 3 or 6 months or a few years – everyone is talking about new technology, some people have left the company, there are new bosses – hardly anyone remembers the contributions you made!

If the reason you took time off was for maternity and/or childcare, your child is barely a year old and will need a lot of time and attention for many years. 

If you took time off as a trailing spouse, you are wondering if all this is really necessary. Life is good enough, isn’t it? 

If you were caring for an older family member, chances are that you are ‘of a certain age’ yourself and re-entry is painful, to say the least. 

Sixty percent of the housework still falls to you, as do most of the social aspects of being a wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, friend or community member.

What if there is a way to accommodate a woman’s need for flexibility to meet the needs of her “evolving life circumstances” (courtesy – ‘Mass Career Customization’ by Anne Weisberg and Cathleen Benko)? 

Maybe she can work only part-time, maybe she is uncomfortable with a 2-hour commute, maybe she wants a job that she is sure will allow her to leave at a time dictated by her children’s school schedule or her mother’s companion’s schedule. 

Can we create an environment that respects a woman’s need for flexibility while allowing her to exercise her skills and develop her capabilities as a professional?  Can we enable her to use her training to earn while contributing to the economy and society and prevent this new brain-drain that is spreading across the class of educated, experienced and energetic women of India?

Are you interested? Excited? Keen? – either for yourself or for a friend, leave me a message in the Comments below or DM me.

This article was published on LinkedIn on 9th Nov 2019