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Reinventing My Career: From Finance Professional to German Translator – A Journey of Resilience and Support with indePenn

Preethi Rajesh Testimonial





1. Name: Preethi Rajesh

2. Career Break Duration: More than 14 years

3. Profession: German translator

4. Success story –

My name is Preethi Rajesh, and I’m a German translator by profession. Currently, I’m working with Mercedes Benz Research and Development Institute at the Whitefield office in Bangalore as a German translator with their legal team. I am actually a finance professional, but I switched careers to move completely to German translation, as that’s the new interest that I discovered during my career break.

I have had two long career breaks. The first was a 14-year long break, and that’s when my switch from finance to German happened. After working for around four and a half years, I took another break of two and a half years, and that’s when indePenn came into the picture. They helped me on my way back to a new career.

When I first came to indePenn, I had two challenges. One was the area that I should get into at work – should it be finance? because I didn’t want to completely let go of my five years of finance experience. Or should it be German?, since I had a little over three and a half years of experience in German translation too. So, I was not really sure as to how to decide and whether I should stick to German or finance.

The second challenge I would say was tweaking my resume. I was not sure whether in today’s times, with so many things that have changed and so many developments happening, what my ideal resume should look like. Should it be two pages or one page or three pages? How much is relevant and how much is irrelevant? Bringing it down to the bare minimum that would catch the attention of the recruiter, was a major challenge for me. I also did not know how to quantify my experience, like German language translation. You can’t really quantify it. So, how do I quantify such experience that I had gained?.

When it comes indePenn’s services, and how they helped me get back to work, I would say their coaching, recreating my CV, the constant support, as well as coaching for interviews – both mock interviews and presentation skills – each and everything helped! Not just how you present yourself personally, but also how prepared you are for the interview,. These were the aspects where I got a lot of support. I found it amazing.

It’s really a wonderful experience to be back to work and getting to meet new people, making new friends, whether it is offline or online. It’s facing new challenges, and it’s nice to feel that you know you’re contributing and adding value again to a new set of people and a new team. And that you’re also learning every day, you’re learning and learning, re-learning. It’s an amazing experience.

I would like to thank the entire team of indePenn. They are a wonderful team of women who are very, very strong and confident, and come with a varied set of experiences. It’s wonderful as they share experiences across even with the teams. What I’ve realized most is that they’re always there to listen and to support you. You don’t have to be worried about asking any question, how stupid it may sound or you may think it’s silly. For any woman who is thinking of getting back to work or wants to get back to work, Team indePenn is a wonderful resource.

I got to know more women through indePenn, and I learnt each woman’s journey. Each of them has a different reason for taking a break, different fears, different thoughts, different worries. When we did doing partner sessions, it made me aware of their problems and concerns and how each of us can really help another woman get past her self-talk. I think it’s a wonderful thing that Rani and Rajani are doing.

I have interacted on multiple levels with Rajani. I believe that I resonate well with her personality. When you see them or you just hear them, it’s like, “Yeah, why not? I can do that!” She told me often that if you put your mind to it and of course reach out to people and get the help you need, you can make it!

So, thanks to them, especially Rajani.

You have already read the inspiring story of her determination and transformation earlier on this page. And now, we are excited to present her journey in a captivating video format! Witness Preethi Rajesh as she shares her incredible experience of redirecting her career path after a hiatus spanning over 14 years.

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