Binita, member story

Empowering Transitions: From Chemical Engineer to Empowered Professional – Binita’s Journey

Binita member story





1. Name: Binita

2. Career Break Duration: More than 10 years

3. Profession: Chemical Engineer

4. Success story –

Hi, I’m Binita. I’m 54 years old. I live in Mumbai. I’m a chemical engineer by profession, and I used to work for ONGC. I had to give up my job because I got transferred to Baroda, and my daughters were growing up. After that, I started going to my husband’s office, worked as a general manager, and I learned a totally different field. Then I decided to take a break, to do something that would be giving back to society. So, I offered my services to an NGO called Akanksha Foundation. That was the time that I got in touch with indePenn through my sister-in-law.

My first challenge was even to think of an idea of going to work, and it was very scary for me. I did not have the confidence. I couldn’t even think of the content that I could add in the CV. That was when indePenn changed my life. We had an interaction workshop, and that was really very motivating and inspiring. So basically, the two pillars of indePenn are Rajani and Rani, with Kavitha as their support. 

Creating a high quality LinkedIn profile was something I couldn’t even think of. My daughters are 25 and 28, and they are active on LinkedIn. I’d never dreamed of my own LinkedIn account. Rajani was instrumental in putting it together and using the right words – putting it in such a beautiful way. 

With indePenn’s interview coaching, I got the job with the very first interview I attended. I am working for a small team situated in Chennai, and I am working from home. Now I have the opportunity to look into another world. A world that I had not seen – a world of multinationals.

And I realized that my potential has not been lost. I have it. 

My first advice to people who are trying to get back to work is, don’t allow people to make you feel demotivated or make you doubt your worth. Each individual has their own potential. Each of us have our strengths. Of course, there are areas of improvement. But we have proven ourselves to be multitaskers and team (family) leaders. We can handle our homes so well, and I’m sure we can handle the rest of the world. It is not to prove anything to anybody. We are doing this for ourselves – for our own selves. 

Another thing is not to feel self-pity. This is just a break you have taken for whatever reasons – for family or any other reasons – and you are absolutely fantastic. Your worth is all that you have done in your life.

If anybody expresses doubts, don’t engage with them, because negativity does not help in making progress. You have fabulous people like indePenn who are motivating. Just go with them, listen to them, follow them, take their tips. 

I’m sure indePenn helped me become more independent. They helped me become more confident. I am happy. I am motivated. I have a lot of self-confidence. I feel very fulfilled and happy now.

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